From the beloved author of How to Be Lost, the story of a free-spirited woman learning how to be a mother.

Amanda on Forgive Me:
"I traveled to South Africa as I was finishing the first draft of the book, and that trip changed everything. I spent a few nights in a township outside Cape Town, and I really didn’t feel safe. I had a new baby at home, and for the first time, I thought: I can't do this anymore. I heard my son telling his future therapist, 'My mom went to the slums of South Africa when I was a baby,' and I lay awake thinking, 'Can I be a good mom and travel? Can I look at the dark side of life and still create a safe world for my son?' It was a long night with lots of dogs barking outside and this tinny music coming from the bar nearby, and by morning the book had changed and so had I."