What would you risk to
bring the truth to light?

On the night their mother was killed, Alex and Lauren were asleep in their backyard tree house. Their beloved father was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. Twelve years later, Lauren is a real estate agent who can't believe in love, and Alex is still trying to understand what happened to shatter his idyllic childhood. Only one stranger, a pregnant woman on the run from her boyfriend in Colorado, holds the clues that can free Lauren and Alex.

Based on a real-life story, Amanda Eyre Ward’s new novel, CLOSE YOUR EYES, is a beautifully written, mesmerizingly compelling story of a family tragedy and the search for truth.

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CLOSE YOUR EYES is a wonder. Amanda Eyre Ward has given us finely spun mystery with complex, absorbing characters and lovely prose.
—Katie Crouch,
   author of Girls in Trucks
I absolutely loved this beautiful, haunting story of a woman who learns to come to terms with a dark, deep family secret. This is the kind of book that hooks you right in, brings tears to your eyes, and ends on a note of shining hope.
—Tatiana de Rosnay,
   author of Sarah's Key
With the deft hand of an assured storyteller, Amanda Eyre Ward has concocted a dark yet tender tale about two grown siblings...It is a tale of twists, turns, secrets, and surprises....a story about the power of trust in the people we love.
—Julia Glass, author of Three Junes, winner of the National Book Award, and most recently, The Widower's Tale
Electrifying, a literary whodunit of the first order…You won't be able to look away. People will be talking about this book.
—Justin Cronin, author of The Passage/div>