“Ward is deeply sympathetic to her characters, and this affecting novel is sure to provoke conversations about immigration and adoption.”
The New York Times Sunday Book Review
“It takes a skilled, compassionate writer to craft an authentic, moving page turner from a complex social issue...but Ward nails it.”
Good Housekeeping

“An exploration of how we can seize the lives we've been given and transform them into the lives we want to live.”
Vendela Vida
“Deftly paced and enthralling…provides insights both heartening and harrowing.”
Mira Jacob
“A gripping and powerful family drama with an unexpected and brilliant twist.”
Jane Green
“You will love these characters and this book.”
Marisa de los Santos

THE NEARNESS OF YOU will be published
on Valentine's Day, 2017!

"Things I'm loving this month: THE SAME SKY by Amanda Eyre Ward
I'm hooked on Ihis poignant novel following the struggles of two strong women on opposite sides of the Mexican-American border"
THE SAME SKY is a must-read novel!

Full review here.